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Proactive Credit Management within SAP

Reactive and manual credit-risk management either results in too much risk being taken or lack of visibility identifying sales opportunities.

Manage credit risk better and approval processes quicker by ensuring your credit policy is incorporated into your processes within SAP. Utilise both internal and external data sources to proactively manage portfolio risk and create a 360 degree real-time view of your customers. 

Start minimizing risk and maximizing revenues today and benefit from:

  • Customer level dashboards showing KPI’s and trends at a glance
  • Automated credit limit approval processes, including full audit trails
  • Connectors that integrate real-time data from credit rating agencies and credit insurers
  • Flexible scorecard methodology
  • Powerful workflows powered by robotic process automation are triggered when indicators change or requests are made
  • Proper management of security and guarantees 
  • Faster approval times, enabling credit for new sales
  • Coding certified by SAP for SAP S/4 HANA and SAP ECC