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Quick Wins in Collections

The global economy is at the brink of a recession, accelerated significantly by the current global coronavirus pandemic. Virtually every industry sector is affected: oil prices have dropped due to travel restrictions, global conferences and events are cancelled, and the health care system is under extreme strain – just to mention a few. In this climate payment delays, liquidity crunches and insolvencies are only a matter of time. As working capital becomes a top priority, it is essential that you are able to collect your receivables in a targeted and methodical manner. Think ahead and protect your cash with an effective and professional collections management solution.

FS² Collections Rapid Deployment

Best Practice Collections & Dispute Management in Less Than 10 Days

FS² Collections offers standardized strategies and processes for successful debt collection, based on the expertise and experience of companies from all over the world. The results speak for themselves: improved team work, reduced DSO and greater liquidity due to faster debt collection and a more efficient resolution of disputes and customer complaints.

Implement FS² Collections completely remotely within SAP in less than 10 days using our rapid deployment option.