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Simplify SAP Data and Document Storage by Moving to the Cloud and Reducing Costs

Is your existing legacy SAP archive repository too complex, slow and expensive? Shouldn't you be looking at options to replace it with a solution that offers reduced costs, simple maintenance and leverages your cloud provider?

You need a data and document solution that will grow with your SAP system storage needs and keep your valuable data and documents secure.

Watch our Webinar Recording, to discover how you can benefit from a cloud-forward approach to content storage with:

  • Modern architecture and a flexible, cloud-based data and document archiving solution for SAP systems
  • Proven ROI by replacing outdated, complex and expensive legacy content systems
  • Secure migration of your legacy content to the cloud using best practices
  • Customer case study that illustrates the success of a cloud-based archive repository

Our experts will discuss how organizations can use Serrala Corestone Archive Service to simplify content storage and reduce storage costs for SAP systems. This economical, pure software solution, provides:

  • SAP-Certified solution based on SAP ArchiveLink
  • Flexible interface that works with all cloud providers and leverages native cloud storage
  • Integrated into SAP ECC, SAP Finance Suite on HANA and SAP S/4HANA, with no hardware required
  • Easy access to content for users, directly within SAP applications
  • Leveraging native SAP and cloud functionality to simplify the operation, maintenance, and backup of SAP data and document storage