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Results of our Serrala Future of Finance Survey 2021

23-04-2021 7 min read

Solution Snap Shots

Our central promise is “We reduce complexity and provide clarity in the Universe of Payments and across the financial business processes”. Do you want to be part of the business ecosystem that delivers on that promise? Welcome! 

To keep you up to date and engage with you we provide monthly Solution Snap Shots. What is the idea? Short snippets with relevant information to provide deeper insights into managing your financial business processes with Serrala’s unique solution portfolio.

We are driven by the idea to optimize the Universe of Payments for organizations that seek accurate, real-time cash visibility and secure financial processes covering the entire end-to-end approach from inbound to outbound payments. In a volatile world and markets, a holistic and integrated approach for all finance processes is mandatory. Our goal for our clients is to achieve the highest possible process efficiency and transparency.

Overview of our monthly Solution Snap Shots:

1 - Preventing Fraud Across Your Entire P2P Process
Serrala AP and Payments technical specialist discussed the outlook on P2P fraud and fraud prevention technologies, whilst discussing best practice approaches to make sure your processes work smarter for your organization.

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2 - Simplify your Archive! Cut your SAP archiving and document management costs
Every day your organization generates a large volume of data and documents such as sales orders, invoices, contracts, and more. Your business needs a compliant repository where it can store this information. If you’re running SAP systems, cost and complexity of storing large information volumes can escalate rapidly – unless you have a flexible and cost-efficient solution in place. 

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3 - Come back soon for updated solution overviews


Serrala Optimizes Inbound & Outbound Payments, Treasury & Cash Visibility and Data & Document management

Serrala’s best-in-class solutions create a complete payments ecosystem that provide security and compliance at every step of your financial value chain. Our solutions offer different deployment options to meet your specific requirements – on premise, in the cloud or as hybrid solution with managed service components.


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Serrala: Bringing Clarity to Complexity

We are passionate about bringing clarity to complexity with transparent, innovative and flexible solutions that can scale to meet the needs of each organization, across all industry sectors — from medium-sized company to global player. With dedication and reliability, we have managed countless successful global customer projects for over 30 years.

Our deep knowledge and understanding of different industries and requirements are the foundation for supporting you in all phases of your journey to efficient cash visibility and secure finance processes: from strategy development to implementing the perfect set of solutions; from knowledge transfer to best-practice advice and continuous support.

Learn more about our CFO Playbook – The Game Changer.

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Serrala optimizes the Universe of Payments 
for organizations that seek efficient cash visibility and secure financial processes.