Welcome to Serrala in Australia!

We are delighted to be here. We have just expanded our footprint to Australia and look forward to work together with our local partners.

Our benefits for our clients

Serrala is a global B2B fintech software company. We optimize the Universe of Payments as we add efficient cash visibility and secure financial processes within all inbound and outbound payments for organizations. Serrala supports over 3,500 companies worldwide with advanced technology, intelligent automation and personalized consulting. Our comprehensive end-to-end portfolio automates inbound and outbound payment processes as well as the management of related data and documents. Click here to learn more about Serrala.

I am looking forward to meet you in person very soon. 


Lee Whincup
Channel Manager – Australia & New Zealand
M  +61 439 588 642

Level 9, Avaya House
123 Epping Road
Macquarie Park, NSW
Australia, 2113
+61 2 8875 7933

Solution & Services

Our central promise to our customers is "We reduce complexity and provide clarity in the Universe of Payments and across the financial business processes".

Check out: https://vimeo.com/serrala/download/272923798/443f81355d

You want to be part of the business ecosystem that delivers on that promise? Be welcome!

We at Serrala are driven by the idea to optimize the Universe of Payments for organizations that seek accurate, real time cash visibility and secure financial processes covering the entire end-to end approach from inbound to outbound payments. In a world of constant change, with volatile markets and strong interdependencies, such insights are key to success. There can be no accurate real-time view without an integrated and holistic backend in the financial universe. This is our goal. We enable our clients to achieve the highest possible process efficiency and transparency.

Our vision for our partners

Many of our success stories, written in Europe as well as in the US, are based on successful cooperation with our partners.

Today we are all set to intensify and accelerate the development of our global partner program and the expansion of the program into new regions. 

We value our partners and are committed to helping you become successful in selling and implementing our software solutions in existing and new markets. Together, we constitute a world-class business ecosystem.