Maintaining Liquidity Is Critical. Ways and Means to Do it

The chemical industry creates an immense variety of products that touch virtually every aspect of our lives. While many chemicals are used in consumer goods, a large amount (70% in Europe) are essential for manufacturing. In an economic crisis, chemical companies need to react to fluctuating levels of demand, as their business customers temporarily shut down or reduce production and others which have ramped up to meet new demands.

Addressing the Urgent Financial Needs

The unprecedented speed of the current crisis requires that chemical companies maintain a comprehensive view of their finances, including their immediate cashflows and their cash requirements so that they can make timely decisions and take swift action when necessary. Does that describe your situation, too? 


Providing such transparency is exactly our domain of excellence. Serrala delivers solutions and provides know-how to enable you to get full control over your cash and optimize your working capital – across the entire company. We are here to help you to, for example 

Thinking ahead

Addressing the urgent need while looking at improvements for the future at the same time is a good way for strengthening your processes. A recent McKinsey study showed that chemical companies that are resilient and have optimized their processes and enhanced their capabilities to become more agile, usually come out of a crisis with an advantage over the competition. 

Discover how our over 2,500 customers have been able to optimize their accounts receivable and accounts payable processes and gain full cash visibility and find further useful resources.


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