Serrala: Bringing Clarity to Complexity

At  Serrala, we believe that no problem is too big to solve. We are passionate about bringing clarity to complexity with transparent, innovative and flexible solutions that can scale to meet the needs of each organization, across all industry sectors — from medium-sized company to global player. 

With dedication and reliability we have managed countless successful global customer projects for over 30 years. Our deep knowledge and understanding of different industries and requirements are the foundation for supporting you in all phases of your journey to efficient cash visibility and secure finance processes: from strategy development to implementing the perfect set of solutions; from knowledge transfer to best-practice advice and continuous support.

Our solutions enable customers to have more efficient and secure payment processes while keeping a central overview on their cash flow. At Serrala we do it all, from establishing fraud prevention barriers to connecting payments in the cloud but what we mostly pride ourselves on is continuously innovating to drive the next generation of financial software. Learn more here

Our Values



We are trustworthy partners who can  be counted on to help in any way we  can.



We boldly commit to a course of action and enthusiastically pursue our goals.



We support our clients and employees in achieving their objectives.



We are constantly improving ourselves and discovering new markets through rigor and precision.