About Serrala

Bringing Claritiy to Complexity

Our new name, Serrala, brings with it everything that you know and count on from Hanse Orga. Providing security, being reliable, and empowering our clients are and always will be integral to who we are. Our new name signals our global presence and the complete end-to-end service we now offer clients.

Born from the belief that no problem is too large to solve, our brand brings clarity to complexity. Inspired by Sierra de la Serrella, a mountain range in Spain, we provide innovative solutions that are secure, robust and trusted.

Serrala optimizes the universe of payments for organizations that seek efficient cash visibility and secure financial processes. With a suite of future-proof end-to-end payment solutions we provide efficient and secure optimization of your financial processes partnered with experienced first class cash visibility and treasury consulting services. Driven by our enterprising nature, we constantly challenge ourselves to bring relevant innovation to market. Our dedication and reliability empowers and protects our customers and partners around the globe