Achieving Control of Payments

3 Strategies for CFOs to Achieve Optimum Control of Payments

30. Oct 2020

Overcoming the barriers to centralization

Centralizing payment management has been on the agenda for CFOs for many years. With the economic upheaval of the recent months, however, it has become even more relevant.

Achieving Control of Payments

Less Costs and More Value in Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable

12. Oct 2020

How to Save Money and Build Towards a Stronger Future for Your Business

Lower costs and build towards a stronger future for your business.

Q3 Product Releases 2020

Serrala Announces Q3 Releases for 2020

08. Oct 2020

Product releases for Q3 2020 offer streamlined processes and notifications, enriched user experience, automated workflows, security, and much more bringing clarity to complexity.

The Future of Payments

Serrala Drives the Future of Payments

25. Sep 2020

Connecting the Dots in Payments: Fintech Serrala pushes the boundaries of traditional finance software by integrating finance and treasury into one central ecosystem for corporate payments.

Cash-related KPIs for the CFO

Top KPIs for the CFO

16. Sep 2020

10 Tips for Increasing Transparency

Improve the timeliness, reliability and transparency of your cash-related KPIs with modern business intelligence solutions.


Ultimate Cash Control

05. Aug 2020

Building Towards DSO & DPO Equilibrium

Do you want to gain full control of incoming and outgoing cash flows, unleash hidden reservoirs, and improve the performance of all your cash-related processes?

Serrala Alevate SAP Certification

Serrala Alevate Achieves SAP Certification

14. Jul 2020

Built on SAP® Cloud Platform

This is the first SAP certification for the cloud-based Serrala Alevate solution suite.

Q1 and Q2 Product Releases 2020

Serrala Announces Q1 and Q2 Releases for 2020

13. Jul 2020

Serrala, the international provider of solutions for inbound and outbound payments and related finance processes, continues to support organizations through the current global economic crisis with innovation. 

Key Strategies to Ensure Liquidity

Blog: 3 Key Strategies to Ensure Liquidity

03. Jul 2020

Reduce costs, increase cash visibility and control cash flows

CFOs and treasurers can use these three strategies to ensure liquidity for the organization in times of crisis.