Meet our colleagues from all over the world: our more than 550 colleagues work on four continents in 16 regional offices in Germany, France, Great Britain, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Spain, the USA, Canada and Hong Kong.

While our colleagues are as different as our many products, they all have one thing in common when they proudly proclaim: I am Serrala!

Meet Ryan from Chicago, IL, who started working at Serrala right after college and found a company to grow with.

Meet Rodney from Indianapolis who submitted the prize-winning name for our cloud solution portfolio Alevate. He’s says the idea came to him after bouncing many different possible names off of friends and family.


Meet Ramiro a dedicated runner from our office in Madrid (Spain). His frequently travels doesn't affect his training because all he needs is a pair of running shoes and he is good to go!


Meet "Mr. Tea” from our office in Berlin (Germany) named because of his love for tea and has stood out among his colleagues for his hilarious sense of humor and comedic ways.


Meet our „Busy B.“ called Brit from our office in Breda (the Netherlands).