Who are you?

  • I am an Office Manager but please call me Busy B (a nickname though of by my colleague).

What do you do at Serrala?

  • I make sure my EMEA BV colleagues in the Netherlands, Spain, France and the UK can do their jobs (for example by making sure the office invoices get paid, travels get booked if they are unable to do it themselves, phone calls are answered if they can’t answer them themselves, lease cars can drive and fuel can be tanked). Also, I try to make sure they stay happy people (for example by making sure they get reimbursed in time for their travel expenses) and I try to create order and systematics in the chaos of day-to-day administration.

Since when do you work for Serrala?

  • I have worked at Serrala since March 1st of 2017.

How did you end up working for Serrala?

  • I was recruited by a recruitment agent who’s a friend of my predecessor.

What was your first impression at Serrala?

  • LOVED IT! Straight away.

Best Serrala experience?

  • Our department’s team event last year, where I had the opportunity to meet and discuss some critical issues with the CEO and CFO whilst enjoying a drink (which made the communication a lot less formal and therefore more efficient in my experience) and a lot of laughter.