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26 May 2020 02:00 PM EDT

SAP’s Treasury Risk Management Applications

In this webinar, Serrala will explore the topic of effective Treasury and Risk Management in the SAP environment.

02 Jun 2020 02:00 PM EDT

SAP’s FX Exposure Management

In today’s global economy, foreign exchange is a topic of critical importance to treasury professionals.

03 Jun 2020 02:00 PM EDT

Webinar: Move SAP Data and Document Storage to the Cloud

Simplify Storage & Reduce Costs - Join our webinar on June 3 at 2 pm EDT to discover how to benefit from a cloud-first archive storage solution for SAP Systems

09 Jun 2020 02:00 PM EDT

Optimize Payments & Mitigate Fraud Risk

In this webinar, Serrala will detail the wide variety of tools and solutions available from SAP and its partners for optimizing payment processing management and mitigating fraud risk.

10 Jun 2020 02:00 PM EDT

Collection Strategies in the Face of the COVID-19 Crisis

How to Protect Your Cash and Ensure Liquidity. Keeping your receivables safe during the crisis and beyond.

16 Jun 2020 02:00 PM EDT

SAP’s Integrated Commodity Management Solution

This webinar will touch on the key macro trends that are emphasizing the importance of commodity management solutions today.