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Serrala Analytics

Unlock deeper insights and enhance decision-making with our pre-built financial Analytics SaaS applications. Automate complex financial reporting for reliable data collection, integration, and formatting with our intelligent financial analytics software. Share expert-crafted reports easily across your organization, offering insights into key performance indicators and business metrics. Explore data with advanced filtering and powerful simulations, all from a centralized platform.

Analytics for SAP

Working Capital Analytics

Analytics in cloud

Financial analytics for deeper insights and better decisions

More than 500 KPIs

Serrala Analytics provides finance organizations with interactive visualizations and dashboards that enable finance leaders to examine, analyze, and discover faster answers and discover deeper insights so they can make better financial decisions


Self-service financial analytics

Empower your team with self-service analytics, enabling them to create personalized dashboards tailored to their unique needs using predefined libraries of KPIs and dimensions


Easy to use financial analytics software

The platform facilitates easy data exploration with flexible analysis tools, including key driver analysis, advanced filtering, and powerful simulations to enhance operational efficiency with robust data visualization and analytical capabilities


Benefits of our financial Analytics SaaS applications

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Automate complex financial reporting tasks

Automating complex reporting tasks involves ensuring reliable data collection, seamless integration, and standardized formatting. By automating these processes, organizations can streamline their reporting workflows, saving time and improving accuracy in

Immediate access from a centralized platform

This centralized platform ensures instant availability of information, facilitating quick decision-making and insights across the organization

Dynamic analysis with advanced tools

Advanced filtering, sophisticated drilldowns, and powerful simulations for flexible and insightful analyses, enable deeper exploration and understanding of your financial data

Empowering self-service financial analytics

Predefined libraries containing KPIs and dimensions make creating personalized dashboards effortless, and empowere users to tailor insights to their specific needs and preferences

Key features of Serrala Analytics software


Interactive dashboard

Dashboards become the starting point for better, data-driven decisions and financial reporting. Since every element is interactive, if there are any anomalies, you can go straight into the details and get to the bottom of the causes

Service: Create your own customized dashboard

Empowers users to create personalized dashboards tailored to their unique needs. With a pre-set library of KPIs and dimensions, users can effortlessly assemble insightful visualizations to glean actionable insights

Key driver analysis

Identify and compare the sources of specific trends in your data with key driver analysis. Use the insights you uncover to improve and enhance your organization's analytical and decision-making processes
Government Benefits

AI-driven data exploration and chart suggestions

A full range of user-selectable analysis types auto-generated by AI

Data story telling

Convert insights into a compelling and convincing story consisting of snapshots of data that can be used to educate, innovate, and influence decision-making

Natural language assistant

Automatically offers new visualizations and analysis directly to dashboards for deeper analysis

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