Generating Added Value for Your Corporate Clients 

The digitalization is reality in banking today. More and more fintech companies are entering the financial market with modern apps and solutions enabled through the digitalization. Competition is growing in the traditional fields of banking tasks like payments, funding, account information and treasury management and banks are under increasing pressure. 

Will banks become redundant? A recent survey of the German FINANCE magazine at least shows that three quarters of the fintech companies active in corporate banking are viewed as contenders to banks.

So, what can your bank do to assert and strengthen your position in the market? 

Serrala is there to help. With our unique BCrest suite of cloud-based solutions we offer you white label products that enable you to offer your corporate clients added value. Today, corporations are often forced to use multiple bank connections. Fintech companies have positioned themselves here as financial intermediaries to streamline the access across banks. 

Our solutions support you in providing a central platform to your corporate clients. Your customers will benefit from an easier access to their banks while you will be able to make your corporate banking future-proof. 


BCrest Payments

Discover more about BCrest Payments. The solutions support banks in mastering the challenges of digitialization by offering their corporate clients and extended portfolio of solutions for their banking portals. 

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