Serrala Announces Q3 Releases for 2020

Q3 Product Releases 2020

Serrala, the international provider of solutions for inbound and outbound payments and related finance processes, is pleased to share with you the product release information for the third quarter of 2020 in our continuous effort to support you.

Available now are several innovative features and enhancements in our Q3 release for our solution suites Corestone, Serrala Alevate, and FS².

In addition to the updates, we are also happy to announce several new products, such as Receivables & Payables as a Service. Listed below is an overview of the highlights that range from streamlined processes and notifications to simplified user experience, automated workflows, security, and much more.


  • The Corestone Solution Suite now offers several new functionalities such as a storage location for existing repositories, easy external viewing of SAP attachments, automatic data import and processing, and enhanced security levels. Also, business processes are more efficient with immediate access to information and modern AP workflows offer reduced receipt to post times and fewer manual efforts.

Serrala Alevate

  • Serrala Alevate AP provides new features helping to simplify the account payable process with improved UI and continuous delivery of pioneering features and modifications.

Software as a Service

  • Receivables & Payables as a Service are live with secure automation eliminating labor-intensive tasks of capturing invoices and remittance advices.


  • FS² eBAM now supports the US market with FBAR and bank fee analysis formats.

  • FS² AccountsPayable streamlines email notifications, automatic record routing to master teams for faster approvals and a new user role. Modern AP workflows reduce receipt-to-post times and manual efforts including simplified audit trails and reporting.

  • FS² Payments continues to support fraud & compliance with the Trusted Beneficiary Check to check payments and increase maintenance including security requirements.

  • FS² AutoBank enables higher automatic posting rates with an AI match feature through the customer-specific perfection of parameters, visualizations of AI Match logic in the bank statement post-processing for more efficiency, and additional flexibility and accuracy for AI parameters, foreign currency settings, and sub-rules.

  • FS² Collections customers can now have all outgoing emails in one centralized location, MS Outlook, instead of SAP email and a new collections hub for easy access to information.

  • FS² Credit has one file per customer across all SAP credit segments allowing a complete view of the customer and a flexible HTML SAP GUI dashboard and scorecard.

For more details on the updates, please contact your account representative or email us here.

The statements in this announcement are not a warranty or guarantee of the functionality described or a representation of suitability for your environment.  Please consult your organization’s IT professionals for advice and further details.