Serrala Announces Q4 Releases for 2020

Q1 and Q2 Product Releases 2020

Serrala is driving the future of finance. We’re pleased to share with you the product release information for Q4 2020 in our continuous effort to support you.

Available now and arriving in January are several innovative features and enhancements for the solution suites FS², Serrala Alevate, and the B2B Vendor Portal. Listed below is an overview of the highlights that range from transparency, automation, streamlined processes, user interface improvements, and integrations.

FS2 (SAP Embedded Solution Suite)

  • AccountsPayable: Numerous new features related to remote-ERP support, localization, and special invoice processing scenarios helping to extend the benefit of automation for broader invoice volume.
  • AccountStatement: Enhanced processes for improving user experience.
  • AutoBank (AR Cash Application): New cash application experience with SmartEye Cloud for seamless matching of structured information such as CTX reports and numerous remittance details provided in various formats.
  • CashLiquidity & Treasury: Sleek simple user experience for handling and optimizing process sequences and continuous connectivity to FS2 products, plus improvements to Liquidity Planning and Portfolio Management for optimal use.
  • Collections: User-friendly analytics dashboard and improvements to the Legal Dunning process.
  • Compliance and Connectors: Integration with SAP S/4HANA to support Creditsafe.
  • Credit: Advanced credit workflow processes for the Business Partner role Credit Manager. Plus, easy adaptation of customer requirements for scaling and updating credit approval communications.
  • JournalEntry: Improved integration with remote systems (SAP and non-SAP) as well as FS2 applications.
  • Payments: We have a correction, it was previously stated that users can check payments against a trusted beneficiary list, the correct name is "trusted beneficiary check".  Also, product developments for optimization and stability including meeting customer requests for enhancements.

Serrala Alevate (Cloud Native Solution Suite)

  • AP: New monitoring bot that automates the goods receipt process and new UI for Master data and data search screens. Additional new Roles, Authorization UI, email notifications, pagination, and hitlist notes empower customers with faster AP workflows.

B2B Vendor Portal

  • Easy access to data with information viewable under many sections and transparency for vendors with self-service information.

For more details on the updates, please contact your account representative or email us here.

The statements in this announcement are not a warranty or guarantee of the functionality described or a representation of suitability for your environment. Please consult your organization’s IT professionals for advice and further details.