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All Eyes on Cloud Computing

23-04-2021 5 min read

With the Universe of Payments, Serrala offers end-to-end automation solutions for inbound and outbound payments, with the flexibility of various deployment options, from on-premise in SAP and other ERPs to cloud and hybrid models. By breaking down silos and creating one seamless landscape of automated and digitized finance processes, you benefit from transparency of your cash and working capital, increased security as well as cost and time savings.

Today, we’ll take a closer look at cloud computing, one of the deployment options Serrala offers within the Universe of Payments. It’s no longer a promising innovation but a fully established technology solution. This comes as no surprise, as the cloud environment offers several important benefits:

  • Agility, low total cost of ownership, real-time data and security
  • Cloud solutions can be easily scaled up or down, depending on the business demand and size
  • Accessing, editing and sharing documents anytime, anywhere, is also easier. Teams can share files and updates in real-time, improving company-wide visibility
  • Cloud providers also automatically update applications which frees  up companies from maintaining the systems themselves
  • Last but not least: an advantage in using as-a-service offerings (Serrala Managed Automation) is to remove technical complexities and dependencies

Looking into the future, cloud computing will be essential if companies want to leverage cognitive applications. The highly scalable cloud infrastructure is able to provide the high processing power and access to large data sets that are required to take advantage of advanced cognitive features such machine learning, robotic process automation (RPA), natural language processing, neural nets, and artificial intelligence (AI). Self-learning algorithms explore data connections, identify patterns and discover relationships delivering greater insights while bots automate repetitive, rule-based activities.

Serrala Alevate, the B2B cloud offering from Serrala, provides organizations with all the benefits of the technology while also building a solid basis for cognitive innovation in the future. It can be deployed as a public, private or hybrid cloud and can be easily combined with on-premise solutions like our SAP-integrated solution suite FS².

Cloud solutions such as Serrala Alevate enhance accessibility for all corporate entities thanks to the centralization of data and processes. Employees that have the rights to access the information can view data instantly, resulting in better collaboration and higher efficiency. Serrala Alevate is secure and enables mobile and web access 24/7. All solutions of the suite can be integrated into existing system landscapes with modern APIs, providing maximum flexibility and security.  

Many of our customers are already benefiting from robotic process automation and machine learning capabilities. For instance, our solutions for accounts receivable and accounts payable optimize processes using self-learning logic. But, this is only the beginning. As we accompany our customers on their digital transformation, we will continue to expand our cloud and cognitive computing offering, lifting the entire Universe of Payments into the cloud, step by step.

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