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How to Become a Treasury Trailblazer


Alexander Rehberg

08-10-2021 3m read

In today’s environment, treasury organizations everywhere are looking for ways to digitize – and it’s never been more important to gain more visibility over accounts, cash flows and future-oriented cash developments. The role of treasury is no longer only about managing cash, it is also about evolving into a strategic position managing a company’s assets and liabilities and safeguard all financial information.

It’s clear that the pandemic with its remote work requirements has highlighted the importance of process integration, automation, and access to real-time data. In fact, our Serrala Future of Finance Survey 2021 found that a lack of centralized information was the top risk factor for finance and treasury, mentioned by 35% of respondents. Instant access to financial data with a very high degree of quality will successfully support decision makers in executing their roadmap.

There is no real secret to a best practice approach in building a secure, transparent and efficient treasury function. The key to become a respected business partner for management is to enable the organization to be successful in their job. But how?

Blazing a trail

Fortunately, there’s plenty that can be done. By embracing best practices and creating a collaborative vision of how processes and workflows can be combined using state-of-the-art technology to serve the needs of different business partners, companies can achieve multiple benefits:

1. Cash visibility can be enhanced by state-of-the-art technologies like robotic process automation (RPA) that free up a treasurer’s time and provide a 360° degree view of cash moving in and out of the business.

2. Centralizing systems and processes using methods such as cash pooling, in-house banks and payment factories gives treasurers more control over their end-to-end processes, as well as the underlying costs.

3. Automating processes using techniques such as intelligent automation drives more efficiency, as well as increasing the effectiveness of remote work patterns.

5. Automated interfaces provide faster access to data that can be used instantly to improve forecasting and decision-making.

6. Real-time information is increasingly needed as markets, products and services evolve to support future requirements.

Finance Compass Treasury

In a session at our Finance Compass Treasury event, Serrala’s Alexander Rehberg, Senior Solution Architect, and Bart Parren, SVP Solution Transformation, take a closer look at the concrete measures treasurers can adopt to tap into more comprehensive, more reliable and faster data. Our experts also explore how cloud solutions can help treasury teams meet future challenges more effectively.

To summarize: To become a respected business partner, treasurers need to change the way of collaboration. Providing access to information with a very high degree of quality enables the board and the business overall to do their jobs in a best possible way. Technology will play an important role in delivering the information, cash flow visibility and accurate forecasting needed to enable real-time insights into corporate cash. To find out more about how to significantly improve your business, visit our virtual event series, The Finance Compass.

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