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Brochure: FS² JournalEntry


Intelligently automate the capture, coding, approval and posting of journal entries

FS² Journal Entry is an SAP-embedded solution that intelligently automates the process of capturing, coding, approving and posting of journal entries. Using this solution, finance teams can ensure journal entry information is entered quickly and accurately into the system of record, resulting in a faster, more controlled financial close.

Features include:

  • Central view of all journal entries across all enterprise systems
  • Upload and automatically create journal entries from a spreadsheet, including those with more than 999 line items
  • Support for multiple journal entry types (e.g., standard, foreign currency, accruals, reversals, etc,)
  • Unlimited number of spreadsheet templates to drive default journal entry structure and behavior
  • Intelligent validation of journal entries to improve data accuracy
  • Automated routing of journal entries for approval according to configurable approval hierarchies
  • Ability to review and approve journal entries anytime, anywhere, with timely notifications and escalations to ensure faster approvals
  • Complete audit trail of journal entry creation and approval workflow
  • Reports and dashboard to view open items, overdue items, cycle time, etc.


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