Our Cloud Solution Suite Powering Your Payments Ecosystem

Corporate system landscapes are often disparate with central ERP and treasury systems and decentralized solutions scattered across countries, regions, and entities. Complexity is thus often a key challenge.

Alevate is Serrala’s highly flexible and secure suite of cloud solutions that brings clarity to such complexity. The centralization of data and processes that is made possible with the cloud solutions, enhances accessibility for all corporate entities. Data can be viewed instantly by all employees that have the rights to accessing the data. The greater visibility is a clear advantage for the cloud, and everyone in the company benefits from a single source of truth. The single source means data access controls, auditability and visibility are vastly more manageable – making the cloud approach more secure than is commonly thought!

Alevate can be combined with FS², our on-premise solutions integrated in SAP, enabling a hybrid approach for pooling the best of both worlds. 

Discover, how our Alevate Payments solution can help you meet your business needs and ensure a future-proof IT infrastructure for your company-wide payment processes.


Managing Payments in the Cloud 


Archiving Solution