Alevate Payments - Payment Hub


Payment Hub

Payments can be manually entered, uploaded or imported from existing systems, such as SAP, according to your particular business need. Formats suitable for such an import include IDoc, MT101/MT104 or ISO 20022.

To simplify the manual entry of payments, Alevate Payments manages originator and recipient data, reference fields and transaction codes. Alevate Payments supports groups of recurring payments – so-called transaction groups. General changes can be made that will have an effect on all payments subsumed under a transaction group (e.g. a universal contribution increase or a different recipient account for direct debits). Alevate Payments supports SEPA formats and includes a SEPA mandate administration as well as an IBAN generator for determining the correct IBAN from account number and bank code.

Payment files can be directly transmitted or converted into the desired target formats before transmission so they can be submitted directly to local bank branches in the respective formats (SWIFT, SEPA, ISO 20022 XML CGI, national formats). Our Services Team will be glad to help you to connect to all the banks that you conduct business with.

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