Effective Solutions for Data and Document Management

Businesses are experiencing an exponential growth of data in today’s digitized world. Organizations that know how to manage this valuable asset will be better prepared to innovate and compete in the years to come.

The Serrala Corestone solution suite, which is certified by SAP for its integration with SAP S/4HANA, enables organizations to manage data and documents (“information”) across the entire information lifecycle - from the moment the information is created to the moment it is purged. The solutions work together to support information management best practices and control data volume growth in enterprise systems. With Corestone solutions, companies can keep data securely, in full compliance with regulations and data privacy laws, and lower the cost of retaining information for as long as the business needs it.

Benefits of Serrala Corestone Solutions

Serrala Corestone Reduce Data Volume

Reduce Data Volume

Automate data and document archiving tasks to ensure consistent data volume in enterprise systems. Quickly identify areas with rapid data growth, so you can control system costs and maintain system performance.  

Serrala Corestone Compliance

Comply with Regulations

Comply with data privacy (e.g. GDPR) and other regulations by applying retention rules to information in enterprise systems, as soon as it is created. Quickly identify and review data when it reaches its end of life, so it can be purged according to regulations.

Serrala Corestone Retain Information Securely

Retain Information Securely

Retain archived information in compliant, secure and cost-effective repositories, including highly-scalable cloud storage. Mask or encrypt data down to the database field level to prevent unauthorized access to information.

Serrala Corestone Retire Legacy Systems

Retire Legacy Systems

Reduce the complexity of your IT landscape by retiring legacy systems. Quickly archive and migrate information out of old, obsolete systems into modern archive repositories, to reduce cost and risk and improve access to information.

Serrala Corestone Improve Audit Response Time

Improve Audit Response Time

Quickly respond to audits or other information requests with tools that help business users locate, extract and validate large volumes of information from enterprise systems and archive repositories without IT assistance. 

Corestone Solution Suite

There are three Corstone solutions to meet your organization’s unique data and document management needs. These solutions provide a solid foundation for managing the data and documents in your SAP and non-SAP enterprise systems, including the long-term retention of information from legacy systems, so those systems can be decommissioned.

Corestone Solution Suite Overview

Corestone for SAP

Intelligently automate data and document management tasks in SAP systems. Keep your SAP systems lean and align the cost of storing data with the value of that data to the business.

Corestone for Cloud

Secure, compliant retention of information from legacy and non-SAP systems. Reduce the cost of compliance, improve access to legacy information for users, and reduce the risk of retaining information.

Corstone for Content

Efficiently capture, migrate, store and access unstructured information in cost-effective archive repositories.

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