As organizations face increased regulatory oversight and legal and fiscal retention requirements, they must retain information securely, for long periods of time, and be ready to extract it quickly to meet audit requests and other queries. The process of extracting audit data often takes Business, Legal, and IT groups days and even weeks to complete, as they must find, extract, review and format the data according to the auditor's request.

Serrala resells TJC software solutions to enable quick and compliant archiving and extraction of data from SAP systems. Serrala is a global reseller of TJC software products and is the largest reseller of these products in North America.

TJC Archiving Sessions Cockpit

The Archiving Sessions Cockpit (ASC) is a hands-off process that schedules and automates your archive runs. Ongoing archiving processes require numerous actions such as variant creation, jobs release, run follow up and corrective actions. These activities are typically performed by the SAP BASIS or an Archive Administrator. ASC performs the complete process in a fully automated manner reducing the need for additional resources.


TJC Audit Extraction Cockpit

The TJC Audit Extraction Cockpit (AEC) enables organizations to easily extract online or archived data from SAP systems according to auditor requests or for the SAP competence center. It provides a simple, table-based data extraction for both online and archived data that is secure and flexible. It can support multiple audit standards including Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) – USA; Standard Audit File for Tax (SAF-T) – Selected EU Countries; Nota Fiscal – Brazil; and other emerging reporting mandates around the world.


Key Benefits of our Audit Readiness Solutions

  • Automate data and document archiving according to regulations
  • Enable business users to extract data from SAP systems according to audit requests
  • Extract data according to global audit requirements such as SAF-T
  • Format extract data in audit-ready format

Success Story: Big Lots!

Discount retailer archives data to reduce demands on SAP systems and improve its ability to comply with data privacy regulations and respond to sales audits.



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