Corestone Document Capture

Intelligently Capture Unstructured Documents for Faster, More Accurate Access to Information

Serrala’s Document Capture software solution, uses our SmartEye technology to provide organizations with enhanced electronic capture of unstructured information such as scanned paper documents, PDFs, emails, spreadsheets and more. The solution enables organization to completely automate the capture and indexing of this information, so users have faster access to the information they need directly from within SAP applications.

The solution ensures highly accurate information capture, regardless of the incoming document format:

  • Electronic documents: The solution reads the data directly from the file, enabling 100% accurate information capture. It does not require rules or template information to be created for different languages or vendors. 
  • Paper documents: The solution uses a proprietary technology that compares all incoming scanned documents to previously processed documents. It applies artificial intelligence to recognize patterns and trends without the need for specific language or vendor templates, ensuring an extremely high accuracy for information capture.
Benefits Corestone Document Capture

Benefits of Serrala's Document Capture

  • Eliminate paper by electronically capturing and indexing large volumes of inbound documents
  • Improve visibility for users with instant access to relevant business documents
  • Minimize document footprint by standardizing the process of archiving and linking documents to SAP transactions.
  • Enable decommissioning of legacy enterprise content management systems 
  • Leverage existing SAP and IT infrastructure to reduce strain on IT resources

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