Corestone Document Navigation

Search, View and Output Documents from SAP systems to Facilitate Communications with Customers, Vendors and Auditors

Many business processes must retain copies of supporting documentation such as invoices, purchase orders, customer billing statements, checks and more to meet corporate compliance or legal and fiscal requirements. However, finding these documents can be difficult when you have limited time to resolve disputes with customers or vendors or respond to audit requests. This problem is even greater when you need to collect a large set of documents, related to multiple SAP transactions.

Serrala’s Document Navigation solution enables organizations to quickly find, display, select and output large volumes of supporting documentation from SAP applications to facilitate communication with customers, vendors, or auditors. The solution significantly reduces the time and effort it takes users to manually search for and package documents from multiple SAP transactions and makes it easy to distribute large volumes of documents by print, fax, email or download.

Key capabilities of Document Navigation include:

  • Access documents from any Archive-link compatible storage
  • Available as a standalone solution or integrated into SAP transactions
  • Simple web-based integration with non-SAP applications
  • Able to output PP/PM shop-papers
  • Integration with ILM components to allow queries based on retention attributes of documents