Corestone Retention Cockpit

Manage the Retention and Disposition of Archived Data and Documents

Increased data privacy and retention regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), are forcing companies to put solutions in place to retain business records in a compliant mode, safe from alteration or deletion. Once information reaches its “end of life” companies must dispose of the information according to information management best practices. Any company that keeps information longer than the defined retention period may become subject to fines, and will incur additional, unnecessary storage costs.

The Archive Retention Cockpit is a centralized and standardized software solution that manages the retention and end-of-life disposition of documents and data in SAP systems. It enables companies to transform their corporate record retention policies and apply them to the information that resides in SAP systems.

With the Archive Retention Cockpit, companies can control when and how to dispose of archived information. Members of the IT department can dynamically select records for disposition or can identify records that need to be retained for longer periods of time due to legal holds. Once the information is identified, the solution routes the information to the relevant business user for review and approval and then disposes of the information according to SAP data management best practices.

Benefits of the Archive Retention Cockpit

  • Ensure compliant storage of data and documents
  • Meet legal requirements for audit and privacy regulations
  • Correct retention settings avoid liability issues
  • Improve storage management, costs and archive performance