Corestone Storage Migration

Lower IT Cost and Complexity by Migrating Archived Data and Documents to More Efficient Storage

Corestone Storage Migration enables companies to quickly and easily move archived information from one ArchiveLink repository to another. Companies use the solution to reduce the cost and complexity of their IT environment by consolidating archived information from multiple repositories into a single repository or by moving information to newer, more efficient repositories, including Cloud-based archive storage options. 

Key Benefits of Corestone Storage Migration

  • Avoid vendor lock-in and flexibily move data between any ArchveLink repository.
  • Reduce IT costs and effort by moving archived information into a single or more efficient archive repository
  • Automate the migration of archived information so your IT team can focus on other tasks
  • Leverage standardized tools that migrate information according to information management best practices
  • Maintain the integrity of archived information and preserves the relationship between objects during migration

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