Improve Reporting and Ensure Compliance with Easy Access to Archived Data

The success of data archiving depends on users being able to access data when and where they need it. When users have seamless access to archived data, organizations can maximize the amount of data that is archived and increase the return on investment from archiving with lower storage costs and improved system performance.

Serrala recommends the use of PBS archive add ons and the suite of PBS products to improve user access to archived data. Serrala is a global reseller of PBS products and is the largest reseller of PBS products in North America. We have the most experienced team to help your organization implement, train and support your PBS users. We have implemented PBS products across all industries and in some of the largest organizations running SAP systems.

PBS Archive Add Ons

PBS archive add ons enable SAP users to view and access archived information together with online information in SAP systems. The solution displays archived data in the same way and with the same screen layout as standard SAP. The add ons are developed using SAP technology and are implemented using standard SAP development tools.

PBS ContentLink

PBS ContentLink is a lean and highly efficient interface for connecting SAP solutions and compliant storage systems. During storage, it enables archive data to be saved directly in an unchangeable format in the storage system. As data and documents can be made available at any time in their original format, PBS ContentLink enables organizations to meet legal requirements for compliant data storage and supports the SAP ArchiveLink interface and SAP-specific WebDAV 3.0 protocol.

PBS Enterprise Content Store

PBS Enterprise Content Store (ECS) enables organizations to continue to access structured and unstructured SAP data even after a system has been decommissioned. The client/server-based solution enables you to evaluate SAP DART extracts, PBS Data Export Interface extracts, SAP print lists, as well as original documents linked to SAP without an SAP system. The links between the tax-relevant records and original documents also continue to exist outside the SAP system.

PBS Nearline Storage Infrastructure

PBS Nearline Analytic Infrastructure (NAI) enables organizations to extend SAP systems using column-oriented database technology, such as Vector from IBM, DB2 BLU from IBM and SAP IQ, for processing application data. This results in an extremely high degree of data compression and much faster response times for database queries involving mass data.


Benefits of Transparent Access to Data

  • View archived data in the same way, and with the same screen layout, as production data
  • Meet legal requirements for compliant data storage
  • Decommission legacy systems while maintaining access to structured and unstructured SAP data
  • Achieve extremely high degree of data compression and much faster response times for archived data

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