FS² Accounts Payable – SAP-integrated Solution for Accounts Payable Automation


Intelligently Automate Invoice Processing for SAP Accounts Payable

FS² Accounts Payable is an advanced invoice processing solution for SAP AP. It intelligently automates and optimizes the processing of millions of AP invoices each year from initial capture, through approvals, exception handling and final posting. Organizations use the solution to digitize their AP processes so they are faster, more accurate, and more transparent.

Highly configurable and certified for integration with SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA, FS² Accounts Payable enables you to centralize and standardize invoice processing in SAP and across all of your business units. Serrala customers have achieved auto-posting rates of more than 80% and reduced processing costs by up to 60 %. The solution eliminates manual steps and optimizes invoice processing, so the AP team can focus on more strategic tasks such as capturing available discounts and improving supplier relations.

Benefits of Accelerating Invoice Processing in SAP systems


Faster invoice processing

Eliminate manual processing tasks and quickly route invoices for further approval or exception handling with intelligent automation.


Complete invoice visibility

View all AP invoices across your organization so you can prioritize processing, lift and shift work across teams and strategically control outbound payments.


Standardize global processes

Benefit from standardized AP processes that comply with global and local invoicing standards and meet documentation and accounting requirements.

Invoice processing with FS² Accounts Payable


Key Features of FS² Accounts Payable for SAP

Auto-post Invoices

Manage increasing invoice volumes with intelligent technology that can touchlessly process +80% of invoices.

Accelerated Invoice Approvals

Review, code and approve invoices anytime, anywhere using mobile devices and reduce approval times by up to 90%.

Streamlined Exception Handling

Detect duplicate, incorrect or fraudulent invoices and route them for exception handling to maximize efficiency.

Advanced Reporting & Analytics

Gain real-time information on invoices to measure efficiency, view available discounts and review the flow of outbound payments.

Respond Quickly to Queries

Search for, view and extract detailed invoice information and supporting documents to respond to audits or other queries.

Seamless Integration with SAP Systems

Deploy a solution that streamlines AP processes across SAP ECC and SAP S/4 HANA environments with minimal IT effort.

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Solution Brochures
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Brochure: FS² Accounts Payable

Automated Accounts Payable Processing Fully Integrated with SAP Systems

The solution automates and streamlines the entire Accounts Payable process - from invoice capture to approval and posting. 

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