FS² AutoBank – Cognitive Cash Application Seamlessly Integrated in SAP

Highest Possible Payment Matching Rates with Intelligent Automation

FS² AutoBank optimizes your accounts receivable management by offering a compelling end to end experience, automating every step of your cash application process – from data capture, format processing, payment matching all the way to reconciliation and reporting. The solution decreases manual efforts and human errors and enables faster allocation of cash in real-time by automatically processing payment data from bank statements, remittance advices, settlement and lockbox files.

Our cash application solutions achieves automation rates of up to 99%, reduces unallocated cash by 90+ % and provides up to 100% transparency by monitoring important KPIs. Self-learning matching capabilities, powered by artificial intelligence, seamless integration into SAP, and intelligent automation ensure streamlined and future-proof cash application processes.

Benefits for Your Business


Real-Time Cash Allocation

Reduce unallocated cash and update customer accounts early in the morning.


Process Automation

Achieve highest possible automation and reduce manual activities.



Monitor of important KPIs and gain full transparency of the process.


Seamless Integration

Straight-Through-Processing thanks to seamless SAP integration, providing a familiar look and feel.


Establish Standards

Standardized processes with a solution capable of processing all incoming formats.


Future-Proof Technology

Facilitate intelligent technology with AI & ML capabilities to achieve best possible results.

How Our Solution Optimizes Your Cash Application Process in SAP


Key Features at a Glance

Cognitive Technology

Powered by AI and Machine Learning, humans and technology work together for best possible results.

Covers All Incoming Formats

Intelligently automated process for data input, classification and recognition, extraction, posting, and exception handling.

Compliance and Workflow Features

Integrated workflows for clarification, posting, rule creation, anti-fraud and anti-money laundering.

Combine Cloud with On-Premise

Out of the box connectivity to banks and customer portals and automatic retrieval of bank statements and remittance advices.

Real-Time Analytics for Full Transparency

More than 50 reports available, including automatic matching rates, DSO, customer payment behavior and many more.

User Experience

Intuitive and simple to use solution with a responsive FIORI interface and an end-to-end cash application process in one screen.

Clients who trust in FS² AutoBank


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Nils Strachanowski Director Solution Success

Nils Strachanowski
Director Solution Success

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FS² AutoBank automates your Cash Application with high-speed matching of incoming payments against open accounts.

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One of our strengths at Serrala is that we do not only offer a solution for a single area within finance and treasury – we provide a consistent end to end approach for the entire Universe of Payments – including every step along the order to cash cycle. Complement FS² AutoBank with our other SAP-integrated O2C solutions for a completely streamlined inbound payment process.


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