Secure Retention and Easy Access to Supporting Documentation for Financial Transactions

FS² Archive enables FS² customers to automatically archive and retain all of the supporting documentation generated by your Order-to-Cash, Procure-to-Pay, Cash Management and Treasury financial transactions (e.g. bank remittances or invoices, bank statements) in a central archive repository. The archived information is linked to the relevant FS² transaction, so users can easily access the information for audits, disputes or other queries.

FS2 Archive enables companies to follow information management best practices by reducing the amount of supporting information stored in enterprise systems. This approach not only improves the performance of enterprise systems, but also lowers the cost of regulatory compliance.


Reduce Cost of Compliance by up to 95%

Key benefits

  • Improved compliance with fiscal regulations and policies
  • Lower cost of retaining information for compliance purposes
  • Improved system performance

Key features of the solution are:

  • Automated archiving of supporting documents for all FS2 applications
  • Centralized, secure storage of information in cost-effective archive repositories
  • View archived information directly from FS2 applications
  • Enable fast extract of information to respond to audit requests and other queries