Enable Faster, More Controlled Financial Close

Processing complex journal entries can cause errors in your financial statements and delay your financial close process. FS² JournalEntry automates the process of creating and posting manual journal entries in SAP systems, making it easier to complete the financial close process quickly and easily. Manual journal entries are any journal entries that are generated by a third party or entirely outside of SAP systems.

Key benefits

  • Faster financial close process
  • Automate the creation of manual journal entries in SAP systems
  • Improve accounting controls with more accurate data and complete supporting documentation
  • Complete audit trail of journal entry creation, approval, posting and/or reversal

Key features

  • SAP-centric solution
  • Upload journal entry data directly from a spreadsheet using a template or your existing journal entry formats
  • Automatically create journal entries from spreadsheets with more than 999 lines
  • Automatically validate journal entry data, coding and supporting documentation
  • Configure different processing rules depending on the type of journal entry
  • Route journal entries for approval in SAP systems or a responsive Web application
  • View journal entry status from initial creation to posting
  • Report on manual journal entries booked in each period