Treasury and finance departments are constantly challenged by having to do more with less, to comply with new regulations, and to respond to changing market requirements. 

Building on its vast experience as a financial technology provider, Serrala has introduced a unique new offering that will provide the agility, speed and flexibility needed today: Managed Automation. Managed Automation takes away the pain of lengthy software implementations, reduce the burden of menial tasks, lower operational costs for maintenance of infrastructure and allow you to focus on your core business.

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Challenges addressed by Managed Automation

Benefits of Managed Automation

  • Experience-driven and outcome-based services 
  • High levels of operational integration and scalability
  • Experienced and reliable expert for finance solutions with specialized skills, processes and technology
  • Reducing complexity 
  • Agility and flexibility to include new entities, react to bank format changes, regulations
  • No need for complex infrastructure set-up and maintenance
  • Plug and play 
  • Focus on your core business
  • High quality, API-enabled service 
  • Always up-to-date with changing regulations, formats etc.
  • Transparent pricing and SLAs
  • Time and cost savings 

Payments as a Service

Outsourcing of processes including payment format conversion, bank connectivity, payment optimization, and fraud prevention empowers organizations to be more agile and cost-efficient.


Receivables as a Service

Accelerating your cash-in with Managed Automation for remittance advice processing.

Payables as a Service Product Sheet

Payables as a Service

Automate the capture of invoices in the cloud with this Managed Automation to enable faster and more accurate invoice processing


Outsourcing with Wings

In an interview with Treasury Today magazine, Mickey Vonckx, VP Managed Services at Serrala, explains the difference between traditional outsourcing and the added benefits of the new concept of managed automation.

Receivables as a Service Product Sheet

Receivables as a Service

Simplify your remittance advice processing with Serrala managed automation services.


Payments as a Service

Discover the features and benefits of Payments as a Service from Serrala.