SmartEye Remittance Advices as a Managed Service

Remittance advices provide a valuable source of information for matching bulk payments to the various open items. In many cases, however, the processing of remittance advices is done manually which is time-consuming and costly. 

With SmartEye Remittance Advices, the Managed Services by Serrala, you can leave the heavy lifting of such tasks to a specialist. Based on automated and intelligent algorithms we provide you with the high quality and fast data you need to accelerate your overall cash application. 

The offering complements the technology solutions offered in the area of Order-to-Cash such as FS² AutoBank that range from on-premise to cloud and hybrid cloud models and that can be used within SAP and with multiple ERP systems. 


Benefits of outsourcing remittance advice processing

  • Eliminates manual steps from the process
  • Boosts automation and efficiency and save time
  • Enables real-time visibility on client and invoice level
  • Removes unnecessary blocks on credit limits
  • Visualizes remittances in end-to-end process
  • Incurs no delays of backlogs end of the day
  • Straight-through processing: receipt, recognition, handling, optimization and forwarding
  • Enables greater independence from technology 

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