Serrala Alevate AP – Accounts Payable Invoice Processing in the Cloud


Accelerate AP Invoice Processing with an Intelligently Automated, Cloud-Native Solution

Intelligently automate accounts payable processing from initial invoice capture, through processing to posting and payment with Serrala Alevate AP. Streamline your AP process in the cloud, across multiple locations, business units and ERP systems to achieve enterprise-wide visibility and control and meet global and local AP accounting standards.

Serrala Alevate AP integrates with your on-premise ERP systems, creating a centralized invoicing hub in the cloud. It standardizes invoice processing, using artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to automate routine, rule-based tasks, so users can focus on more complex invoice approval or exception handling tasks. Global companies use the innovative solution to support accounts payable best practices and enable fast, consistent, and compliant handling of AP invoices anytime, anywhere.

Benefits of Invoice Processing in the Cloud


Faster invoice processing

Enjoy intelligently automated invoice processing with a solution that validates and posts invoices or routes them for approval or exception handling.


Complete invoice visibility

Obtain centralized invoice information across your organization to accelerate processing, capture discounts, and improve supplier relations.


Standardize global processes

Benefit from standardized invoice processing across systems and locations using best practices that meet global and local AP invoicing and accounting requirements.

How our Solution Optimizes your Invoicing Process


Key Features of Serrala Alevate AP

Touchless Invoice Processing

Manage increasing invoice volumes with intelligent technology that can automatically process up to 80% of invoices.

Fast, Flexible Approvals

Approve invoices up to 90% faster by letting users review, code, and approve invoices anytime, anywhere using mobile devices.

Efficient Exception Handling

Maximize efficiency by quickly detecting duplicate, incorrect or fraudulent invoices and routing them for exception handling.

Advanced Reporting & Analytics

Measure efficiency, view available discounts and review plans for outbound payments with real-time information on invoices.

Rapid Audit Response

Quickly view and extract detailed invoice information and supporting documents to respond to audits or other queries.

Easy to Set Up and Maintain

Deploy a solution that supports global best-practices for AP across multiple ERP systems with minimal IT effort.

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Benefits of Cloud-based Invoice Processing

Lower risk and increase speed and efficiency by using the same invoice process across multiple ERP systems.

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