Alevate Payments - Accounts


Complex corporate and account structures can be administrated and broken down by aggregation and other criteria, even for each individual account. They can also be synchronized with an SAP system.

The accounts are grouped by:

  • account-keeping bank
  • company
  • originator of the payment
  • account currency

Within account groups, the balances of all summarized accounts are aggregated automatically. So, for example, it is visible at any time how much liquidity is available in total for a given currency.

From the aggregated view, it is possible to drill-down to account statements, account turnovers and the individual transactions. Provisional items (MT942, CAMT.052) are retrieved on an intra-day basis and directly displayed in addition to daily account statements (MT940, CAMT.053). Value balances provide a calculated balance based on the value dates of the transactions.

Account Statement Processor (ASP)

With the Account Statement Processor (ASP), it is possible to call up account statements from banks in different international SWIFT and non-MT formats and to convert them in a standard format so that these can be imported into Serrala Alevate Payments and made available for downstream processing in ERP and TMS systems.

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