Serrala Alevate Payments - Cash Pooling

Cash pooling entails a concentration of liquidity on designated pool accounts while other accounts are reduced to zero or to a target balance. The module pooling takes care of such tasks, creating payment orders automatically or manually in the appropriate format (MT101, SEPA). These payment orders are then forwarded to the processing systems of the banks concerned. Serrala Alevate Payments does not need you to specify whether pooling takes place across banks, countries or currencies. If so desired, it can administrate several different pooling environments and perform pooling in multiple stages.

During cash pooling, Serrala Alevate Payments generates an interest table for the pooled account according to the interest information from the bank in charge of the account (i.e., the table will only regard accounting balances). The interest table can be exported for booking. It is also possible to define internal interest rates for application to positive or negative balances.


Interest tables can be generated even if the actual cash pooling is not done by Alevate Payments. In such cases, the reference fields of incoming account statements are scanned for relevant parameters and the appropriate amounts transferred to a shadow account. Interest tables can then be generated for these shadow accounts.

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