Serrala Alevate Payments - ERP Connectors

How to connect Serrala Alevate Payments to SAP

With our sophisticated ERP Connectors, payments can be transferred to Serrala Alevate Payments using a web-service-based API which allows for a straight through process from multiple ERP Systems to the banks without the usual up/downloads.
Account information can be downloaded and master data can be replicated in order to have a synchronized set of accounts across all systems.

SAP Connector
The Serrala Alevate Payments SAP Connector uses the web service interface of FS² for SAP and the Serrala Alevate Payments API, enabling a direct transfer of payments from the SAP systems of the customer. The programmatic interface is cryptographically and organizationally protected by software certificates. This eliminates manual and time-consuming inspections and further increases the payment security. When entering payments manually, supplier data stored in SAP systems can be taken over so that payments are exclusively executed in favor of these recipients. Therefore, if bank accounts of unknown recipients are used, they can be ruled out if urgent payments are entered without an SAP payment run. Using the direct connection, account statements retrieved by Serrala Alevate Payments can be automatically transferred to SAP for further processing.

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