Payments, Cash Application, Cash Management and Treasury


Baloise Group is a major insurance company in Switzerland, successfully optimized their inbound and outbound payments processing for better treasury processes by implementing Serrala's SAP integrated solution FS² Cash&Liquidity, Treasury and Autobank. Baloise was able to achive siginificant improvements, such as being able to pay their customers faster, gain central control of payment authorizations and the ability to quickly modify payments (pension scheme) as well as leveraging an interest rate optimization


Company: Insurance Company

headquarters: Basel, Switzerland

Products & Services: Insurances

Employees: > 7,3000

Revenue: CHF 5,6 billion 

Inbound/Outbound Payments & Treasury

Challenges & Objectives

  • Affects of the Financial Crisis 2007-2009, no interest rates via financial market, Managing Reporting of 300 bank accounts with Excel, Swiss requirement: Migration to XML formats by 2018
  • Replace fragmented spreadsheets with one central solution for managing cash in and cash out and treasury

Why Serrala?

  • SAP-integrated software, trust in long-term relationship
  • Phased approach, adopting and building an entire treasury system with a trusted

Results & Benefits

  • Raising the automation level for cash application from 0% to 60%
  • Faster payments to customers
  • Central control of payment authorizations
  • Ability to quickly modify payments (pension scheme)
  • Payment optimization: individual payments from different accounts can be immediately stopped, if needed
  • Changes possible directly in the productive system accelerating further enhancements
  • 100% flexibility of the system
Serrala has proven an experienced partner with the integrated solutions and best-practice expertise needed for achieving the process efficiency and the central solution within a future-proof IT infrastructure we aimed for
Joris Müller

Treasury, Baloise Group

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Baloise wins Adam Smith Awards

Baloise Group received an Adam Smith Award for its Highly Recommended Best Working Capital Management


Baloise trusts in FS² by Serrala

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