Dynamic Working Capital Management

With FS² WorkingCapital, we can help you release tied-up liquidity, boost profits and pinpoint opportunities for enhancing procedural efficiencies. At Serrala, we have identified real-life situations for our customers that show our solution can unveil a savings potential of 0.3-0.5% of annual turnover.

Our advanced technology automatically analyzes mass transactional data which gives you a comprehensive overview and ongoing control over your value drivers. You can flexibly define and adapt the criteria for analysis to reflect the individual settings of your organization. So, instead of obtaining purely reference-date-based assessments, you will profit from comprehensive and realistic reports all year round – create ad hoc business intelligence reports with one click.

Boost Liquidity, Profits, and Opportunities for Procedural Efficiencies



All vital figures are clearly displayed with vivid graphics on dashboards that include a drill-down functionality with granular focus down to a single document. Also, FS² WorkingCapital is mobile, allowing you to access crucial figures anytime, anywhere, on any device.


Focus on Value Drivers

FS² WorkingCapital is not restricted to measuring the classical primary key performance indicators (KPIs), days sales outstanding (DSO), and days payables outstanding (DPO); but instead goes much further. It focuses on all developments and value drivers in the accounts receivable (AR) and accounts payable (AP).


Scenario Planning

FS² WorkingCapital is the only solution that offers revolutionary what-if scenarios for P&L advantages, available on a global scale, to significantly modernize and optimize your working capital management procedures – dynamically.


FS² WorkingCapital: Highlights & Benefits

  • Robust reports/analytics/metrics
  • Accepts SAP and other ERP data
  • Realistic scenarios to release tied-up capital
  • Reduce reliance on outside funding
  • Decrease debt, financing costs, and risks
  • Improve creditworthiness and rating
  • Superior profit margins and customer cost-effectiveness
  • Increase efficiencies in operational business practices
  • Greater transparency in working capital management processes
  • Boost AP/AR management procedures
  • Positive effects on cash flow and company value

FS² Analytics for WorkingCapital– High-end Business Intelligence Reporting

FS² Analytics can quickly set-up new reports and run speedy queries based on daily or historical data. The personalized reports are supported with responsive robust metrics and analytics to keep your processes up to date and streamlined.

FS² Working Capital Analytics offers users more transparency in Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable, enabling them to improve payment terms, optimize incoming and outgoing payments, control risk, release tied liquidity and maximize profits.


Leverage the Entire Spectrum of your SAP Technology

  • Seamless Integration into SAP
  • Runs on SAP on Premise, SAP Cloud and Hybrid
  • Certified for integration with SAP S/4HANA
  • Works with current and previous SAP systems such as SAP ECC
  • Includes Fiori apps for an intuitive user experience

Add Value with End-to-End Processing

Combine FS² WorkingCapital with our modules

FS² AutoBank
FS² Payments
FS² Treasury
FS² CashLiquidity

to achieve end-to-end clarity in your Universe of Payments by streamlining Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable into one integrated Inbound and Outbound Payment process.



Benefit from Flexible Technology Options

By combining our FS² modules for SAP with other solutions and services by Serrala, such as

Managed Services

to form a flexible and individual hybrid model, you can achieve the solution and technology environment that caters best to your business needs and easily scale according to your organization’s requirements.


Boost Your Data & Document Management

Increase operational savings and efficiencies, lower risk, and boost performance by underpinning your Working Capital Management with Corestone, our powerful Data and Document Management solution suite.