Data Volume Management

Move Data Into Cost-effective Storage with Seamless Access for Users

Unchecked growth of data can slow down SAP system performance and frustrate business users that need immediate access to data and documents. It can also put pressure on IT budgets, as organizations need to add more storage and improve IT infrasturucture to keep pace with the demands on SAP systems.


Serrala’s Data Volume Management solution enables companies to reduce data in enterprise systems by automatically archiving it and moving to cost-effective archive storage options when the information is considered business complete. Whether your company needs immediate help reducing data volumes in online systems to support ongoing operations, or it wants to reduce the size of systems to support plans for organizational growth, consolidation, and modernization, it is essential to have a data volume management strategy in place.

Key Benefits of Our Solution


Our software and managed service solutions help companies automate data archiving, gain seamless access to archived data, and employ flexible storage options so they can move older data out of production systems and benefit from:

  • Reduce IT costs
  • Improve system performance
  • Simplify the IT landscape
  • Facilitate a move to new enterprise platforms

Key Capabilities of Our Solutions

Our solutions keep your enterprise systems lean, flexible, and efficient with the following capabilities:

  • Common data volume management strategy across different enterprise Systems
  • Automated archiving of data using standard archiving objects
  • Seamless access to archived data and document
  • Flexible storage options including nearline and cloud storage
  • Key data metrics and reports for operational and management analysis

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