Privacy and Compliance

Protect Data Privacy and Comply with Regulations

Protecting the privacy and security of data and documents in your online systems is an important concern for every company. It not only ensures your corporate intellectual property is secure (pricing, recipes, formulas, etc.), it also ensures your customers, suppliers and employees are protected from potentially harmful data breaches. However, new data privacy regulations such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), make data privacy more than just a best practice, it is the law. 

Serrala’s Privacy and Compliance solution ensures data privacy and security regulations are applied to the information that resides in corporate online systems and archive repositories using a fully automated solution with complete audit trail.


Key Benefits of Our Solution


Apply Complex Retention Rules

Retain data according to complex data privacy and security requirements.


Store Information Securely

Store information securely and restrict access where necessary in production systems and archive repositories.


Adapt to Changing Regulations

 Quickly adapt to changing regulations such as PCI, GDPR, HIPPA and more.

Key Capabilities of our Privacy and Compliance Solution

  • Ability to Mask or Encrypt Sensitive Online and Archived Data at the Field, Table, or System Level
  • Ability to Set Complex Retention Rules and Legal Holds for Online and Archived Data
  • Common, Early Archiving Strategy Across SAP and Non-SAP systems
  • Flexible storage options for long term storage of data and documents
  • Automated Purging of Data at End of Life
  • Views and Reports to Facilitate the Review and Audit of Retention Rules, Legal Holds, and Data Purge Activities

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