Legacy Decommissioning

Simplify IT Landscapes and Lower Costs by Retiring Legacy Systems and Retaining Information

As companies modernize their IT landscape with cloud, mobile and other technologies, legacy systems are often left behind. However, it is risky, costly, and time consuming for organizations to keep older systems running after their useful life is complete.

Serrala’s Legacy Decommissioning solution enables companies to retire legacy enterprise systems by archiving the data and documents in those systems according to policies and regulations as part of an enterprise information lifecycle management (ILM) strategy. By moving information into a modern, centralized archive repository companies can achieve the following benefits:

  • Secure retention of information
  • Easy access to legacy information whenever it is needed for audits or other enquiries
  • Simplified IT landscape that is less complex and costly to maintain

Business Drivers

US Manufacturing company wanted to retain information from legacy systems replaced by SAP HANA and reduce the cost and risk of maintaining legacy systems that were out-of-date and difficult to support.


Decommissioned 4 highly customized legacy, systems


  • $600,000 in savings
  • ROI in 1.3 years

Key Capabilities of Our Decommissioning Solution

Our solution provides flexible capabilities to support the right decommissioning approach for your business requirements, whether you want to simplify your existing IT landscape or a move to a new platform such as SAP S/4HAN. It includes:

  • Proven decommissioning and archive tools and technology, with flexible options for the migration and storage of decommissioned data
  • Centralized tools for managing data and document retention periods to facilitate compliance with any regulatory or audit requirements
  • Easy access to decommissioned data directly from existing enterprise applications, minimizing the need for additional training and change management
  • Single archive-repository that can be accessed from enterprise applications or other archive-enabled solutions
  • Provides a repeatable methodology for decommissioning other legacy enterprise systems

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