Audit Readiness

Many organizations struggle to respond to audit enquiries in a timely manner because of the vast amount of data that must be collected, reviewed and reported on. It is a complex, time consuming task that requires Business, Legal, and IT groups to work together, sometimes spending days or weeks preparing a single audit report.

Serrala’s Audit Readiness solution enables companies to extract data and documents quickly to respond to global audit requirements without requiring IT involvement. It makes it easy for companies to extract large volumes of information from both production systems and archive repositories in audit-ready formats to meet global standard (SOX, SAF-T) and ad hoc audit requirements.


Benefits of Our Audit Solution

Secure, Compliant Retention

Our solution enables organizations to apply complex retention requirements to online or archived data and documents. It manages the retention of information throughout its lifecycle and can adapt retention rules as regulations change over time.

Fast Access to Audit Information

Our solution simplifies the process of extracting information from online and archive repositories to respond quickly to audit enquiries. It provides tools to facilitate the validation of the extracted information and output it according to audit requirements.

Key Capabilities of our Audit Readiness Solutions

  • Configure information extracts using a simple, table-based user interface
  • Flexibly define audit extracts according to international standard audit formats or ad hoc audit requests 
  • Support for multiple standard audit requirements including: Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) – USA, Standard Audit File for Tax (SAF-T) – Selected EU Countries, Nota Fiscal – Brazil, and more
  • Automatically schedule and execute audit extracts 
  • Review audit file size and job timing before extraction begins
  • Output audit information into standard file formats use by auditors
  • Throttle audit extracts if performance problems occur
  • Business friendly reports to identifying potential issues with audit information

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