The B2B cloud solution suite for optimizing your Universe of Payments

Corporate system landscapes are often disparate with central ERP and treasury systems and decentralized solutions scattered across countries, regions, and entities. Complexity is thus often a key challenge.

Serrala Alevate is the agile, adaptable, and secure B2B cloud solution suite that supports organizations in bringing clarity to complexity. The centralization of data and processes that is made possible with the cloud solutions enhances accessibility for all corporate entities. Data can be viewed instantly by all employees that have the rights to accessing the data.

Serrala Alevate is the only cloud solution suite that covers all corporate finance processes such as order-to-cash, procure-to-pay, treasury as well  as data and document management

Security and mobility are key factors that Serrala Alevate addresses with highest standards and 24/7/365 mobile and web access. Integrate Serrala Alevate solutions securely and flexibly into your existing system landscape with modern APIs and benefit from central visibility and control of all data and transactions. 

The cloud-based solution fits perfectily into your IT strategy. It can be deployed as a public, private or hybrid cloud and can be easily combined with on-premise solutions like our SAP-integrated solution suite FS². Use Serrala Alevate in combination with our Managed Automation offering - a microservices-based approach with which you can leave the menial tasks to us - to augment the benefits further and achieve even greater agility and scalability

Move to the cloud with the solution suite Serrala Alevate

Features and benefits

  • Intelligent Automation that ensures industry benchmarks are successfully achieved and supported for fraud prevention and compliance measures
  • Fast and flexible integration of all your legal entities into one system
  • Latest security and technology capabilities, including advanced APIs and microservices
  • Smart cost-effective efficient onboarding and implementation with a software-as-a-service
  • Best practices built on experiences of thousands of global customers
  • Compliant with data privacy regulations such as GDPR
  • Certified and proven vendor
  • High usability with modern dashboard views
  • Easy user-friendly web and state-of-the-art mobile access with tight end-to-end security to view, approve, and monitor, all related processes, data and documents

Technology: effortless migration

  • Expedient, sustainable, and harmonized migration journey to the cloud
  • Public, private or hybrid cloud 
  • Simple, out-of-the-box, installation that is adaptable to the customer’s needs
  • Innovative transitional approach that easily accesses all enterprise and legacy systems with the latest API capabilities
  • Easily augmented by Managed Services, Serrala's microservices-based approach
  • Mobile and web access enabling 24/7/365 capability

Cloud: secure technology on the rise

Cloud Adoption and Security



How secure is the cloud?

As the KPMG Cloud Threat Report 2018 has revealed, over 83% of companies said that on-premise installations suffer as many as or more breaches than their cloud-based counterparts. The reason may be that cloud vendors have the specialized resources and experience to stay ahead of cyber threats. Companies benefit from best practices of which are incorporated into cloud solutions. In addition, security patches to protect software from cyber-attacks are much easier to deploy with cloud solutions.  


When it comes to the cloud – what about data protection regulations like GDPR?

Such regulations are actually made for the digital era. To be sure that they are adhered to, look for certified providers – e.g. for ISO 27001 – that are compliant with  privacy regulations. 

Multiple ERP

What if I still have several systems running on-premise, will I still be able to use them?

Moving more and more business to the cloud is one of the main trends for corporates. Key financial processes will still remain on-premise for quite some time. But there is no contradiction: you can easily combine cloud solutions with on-premise systems. Using a hybrid cloud setting you can benefit from multi-ERP capabilities, a centralized view across all enterprise systems, secure end-to-end processes, and scalability to individual requirements. 


Serrala Alevate Payments

Managing payments in the cloud

Cloud solution for cash and treasury management: Alevate TMS

Serrala Alevate TMS 

Cash, liquidity, and treasury management in the cloud


Serrala Alevate Archive

Cloud solution for archiving