Intelligent Cash Application within SAP

FS2 AutoBank automates your cash application by matching incoming payments against open accounts in high-speed and thereby optimizing your reconciliation process and contributing to your overall cash visibility. The solution decreases manual efforts to highest possibility throughout all your departments and fully integrates with your current SAP environment – on premise, in the cloud or both! 

FS² AutoBank lowers the manual in-put process over 95% on the customer level with hit rates at 80–95% on the invoice level peaking to 98%. All payment information is seamlessly integrated into the process and available for matching purposes and research in SAP, allowing condensed processing times and streamlined work processes.

    Revolutionizing Cash Application with Next-Generation RPA and Machine Learning



    Reduced the complex processes involving manual time-consuming efforts to identify customers, invoices and clarify deductions.



    Accepts many different payment formats such as bank statements, remittance advices, lockbox, check images, credit card data, statements from payment service providers (PSP), emails, and email attachments such as PDF and Excel.


    Cash-In Processing

    Processes day-to-day complex bank statements that include bank fees, charges and deductions for taxes that differ by country, region, line of business or industry.



    Scalable for shared service centers facing global challenges as your business expands internationally.


    FS² AutoBank: Highlights and Benefits

    • Automated cash application process
    • Accepts all common formats from banks and customers
    • Business unit manages posting rules and filters
    • Easy adoption & high user rate
    • Powerful workflows
    • LiveCash offers same day processing
    • Robust reports, analytics, and metrics
    • SmartEye for remittance advices, emails and PDFs
    • One screen dashboard with self-learning software SAP conversant
    • Meets all audit requirements

    FS² Analytics for AutoBank – High-end Business Intelligence Reporting

    FS² Analytics can quickly set-up new reports and run speedy queries based on daily or historical data. The personalized reports are supported with responsive robust metrics and analytics to keep your processes up to date and streamlined.

    With FS² Analytics for AutoBank you can analyze bank statement and transaction document information and get a complete picture of your Cash Application process performance. Check your automatic and manual postings for debtors, creditors and G/L accounts. Examine your customer payment history and reduce credit risk. FS² Autobank Analytics includes, among others, reports about the automation rate, cash flows, DSO, and open items.


    Leverage the Entire Spectrum of your SAP Technology

    • Seamless Integration into SAP
    • Runs on SAP on Premise, SAP Cloud and Hybrid
    • Certified for integration with SAP S/4HANA
    • Works with current and previous SAP systems such as SAP ECC
    • Includes Fiori apps for an intuitive user experience

    Add Value with End-to-End Processing in Order to Cash

    Combine FS² AutoBank with our modules

    to achieve end-to-end clarity in O2C by streamlining Cash Application with Credit Management, Collections and Disputes, Compliance, and Account Statement Management into one integrated Inbound Payment process.



    Benefit from Flexible Technology Options

    By combining our FS² modules for SAP with other solutions and services by Serrala, such as

    to form a flexible and individual hybrid model, you can achieve the solution and technology environment that caters best to your business needs and easily scale according to your organization’s requirements.


    Boost Your Data & Document Management

    Increase operational savings and efficiencies, lower risk, and boost performance by underpinning your Cash Application processing with Corestone, our powerful Data and Document Management solution suite.



    See our Customer Success Stories

    Thanks to the integration and automation we have improved our straight-through processing. The better the data quality, the better our cash and liquidity management. We simply did not have the visibility that we have now. We have significantly saved time and costs as cash application and payment processes run much faster than before. We estimate that we have saved at least 50% of processing time.
    Alexander Schulze

    Cash Manager Europe Nordson Holding

    Our ultimate target is to apply cash before breakfast. This presents benefits to customers as well as giving us more transparency that, in turn, enables our collection teams to be more effective.
    Neil Murray

    Group Accounts Receivable (AR) Manager, ABB

    Serrala has proven an experienced partner with the integrated solutions and best-practice expertise needed for achieving the process efficiency and the central solution within a future-proof IT infrastructure we aimed for.
    Joris Müller

    Treasury, Baloise Group

    Our users worldwide are very satisfied, because the usability of Serrala's Automatic Cash Application is high and the system is robust. Moreover, Serrala is a reliable partner who is flexible and always open to customer suggestions. Thanks to all that, we are gradually coming close to our goal of achieving high automatic processing rates and better processes in order to save time and costs.
    Nico Mueller

    Portfolio und Process Management, Siemens AG

    With FinanceSuite/FS² AutoBank we have been able to save 45% of our processing time. Now we achieve automatic matching rates of 73% for bank statements on average and 67% on average for remittance advices.
    Monika Maczyszyn

    AR Process Manager, Electrolux Poland

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    FS² AutoBank: Award-winning Solution

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    Cash Application within SAP

    FS² AutoBank automates your Cash Application with high-speed matching of incoming payments against open accounts.

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