Cash application challenges & needs

FS² AutoBank helps to overcome your cash application challenges – and will lead to fully automated end-to-end cash application processes, provide future-proof technology and efficient cost savings.

Manual & Repetitive tasks

Manual & Repetitive tasks

Achieve highest possible automation and reduce manual activities.

Delayed cash allocation

Delayed cash allocation

Reduce unallocated cash and update customer accounts early in the morning.



Monitoring of important KPIs and gain full transparency of the process.

Limitation of current solution

Limitation of current solution

Facilitate intelligent technology with AI & ML capabilities to achieve best possible results.

Fragmented processes

Fragmented processes

Standardized processes with a solution capable of processing all incoming formats.

How it works

Fully automated end-to-end cash application processes.

Cash application - How it Works


Nils Strachanowski Director Solution Success

Nils Strachanowski
Director Solution Success

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See our Customer Success Stories

Customer Success Story Baloise Group
Serrala has proven an experienced partner with the integrated solutions and best-practice expertise needed for achieving the process efficiency and the central solution within a future-proof IT infrastructure we aimed for.
Joris Müller

Treasury, Baloise Group

Customer Success Story ABB
Our ultimate target is to apply cash before breakfast. This presents benefits to customers as well as giving us more transparency that, in turn, enables our collection teams to be more effective.
Neil Murray

Group Accounts Receivable (AR) Manager, ABB

Customer Success Story Siemens
Our users worldwide are very satisfied, because the usability of Serrala's Automatic Cash Application is high and the system is robust. Moreover, Serrala is a reliable partner who is flexible and always open to customer suggestions. Thanks to all that, we are gradually coming close to our goal of achieving high automatic processing rates and better processes in order to save time and costs.
Nico Mueller

Portfolio und Process Management, Siemens AG

Customer Success Story Electrolux
With FinanceSuite/FS² AutoBank we have been able to save 45% of our processing time. Now we achieve automatic matching rates of 73% for bank statements on average and 67% on average for remittance advices.
Monika Maczyszyn

AR Process Manager, Electrolux Poland

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Whitepaper: Best Practices in Accounts Receivable Processing

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