Cash Management

Obtain the Data You Need for Efficient Cash Management

Cash is what could make or break a company.

This is why professional cash management is essential for every organization. A professional cash management is, however, only as good as the data it is based on. The broader and more accurate the data you have on your cash position and cash flows, the better and more transparent your cash management!

Customers using Serrala's cash management solutions and consulting report they achieve 90%+ accuracy of automatic assignment on category posting information.

Our cash management solutions and personalized services help you get the information you need fast supporting highly efficient actual data assignment and short-term planning. Automatically retrieve data from various sources relevant to your business, including information from bank statements, payment service providers, treasury management systems (TMS), in-house bank, subsidiaries, and enterprise systems (e.g. accounts receivable (AR) and accounts payable (AP)). Ensure solvency of your company at all times with our unique tools and consulting.

We offer a broad range of technical deployment options including our fully SAP-integrated cash management solution FS² CashLiquidity, cloud-based solutions, managed services as well as consulting for optimizing your SAP standard application for cash management.



Serrala Brings Clarity to Your Cash Management

Best Practice Cash Management

Automated processes for:

  • retrieving data from a more comprehensive set of sources than with typical cash management, including bank statements, enterprise systems, subsidiaries for fast and comprehensive cash visibility
  • processing and controlling incoming payments and short-term planning
  • ensuring optimum levels of cash at all times
  • allocating account transactions in actual data assignment

Short-term to Mid-term Liquidity Forecasting

  • Central overview of cash positions and cash flows of all corporate entities.
  • Company-specific access to accurate and up-to-date liquidity reports by banks, countries, currencies and subsidiaries
  • Business intelligences and KPIs for  optimizing processes
Based on a detailed catalog of requirements and criteria, SGL Carbon Group made a clear choice: Serrala’s solution for Cash and Liquidity Management is a powerful tool to optimize group-wide cash management and to secure liquidity.
Peter Malcher, Manager Global Cash, SGL Carbon Group



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