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Automated Archiving: Retain Your Data but Trim the Cost


11 Feb 2021 03:00 PM ET

Accelerate Data Archiving with an SAP-certified Software Solution from Serrala

Regularly archiving the static or business complete data and documents in your SAP system can improve your system performance, reduce risk and lower the total cost of operating those systems. Data archiving is a widely accepted information management best practice, yet many organizations are reluctant to dedicate valuable IT resources to such housekeeping tasks because they are too technical and time consuming.

On Feb 11 at 3 pm ET, join us for a webinar to discover how you can automate and accelerate the data archiving process so you can retain your data but trim the cost.

During this webinar Serrala experts will explore the benefits of using an SAP-certified software solution from Serrala to digitize the archiving process so you can:

    • Automate data archiving tasks according to SAP information management best practices
    • Configure your archiving requirements according to your corporate policies and regulations
    • Maintain complete visibility and control over your archiving tasks
    • Continuously monitor your archive effectiveness and identify new archiving opportunities
    • Rapidly reduce the size of your SAP database and move data to secure and cost-effective archive storage
    • Enable users to have quick access to archived information for reporting, audits or other queries
    • Reduce the size of your SAP system so it is faster and less costly to operate.

We are looking forward to meeting you virtually on Feb 11 at 3 pm ET.

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