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Serrala User Summit EMEA 2021: Set Your Finance Compass

23.09.2021   |  09:00 CET   |  English

After more than a year of stormy weather and uncertain economic conditions, people and companies chartered a new course. As finance & treasury teams set sail for the future, they need to explore new process and technology options to stay ahead, building on the enormous digitization steps they have already taken.

At Serrala, we have been crafting new innovations that will support you in the journey that lies ahead. Join us at the Serrala User Summit to find out about the latest developments and intelligent new features for completing your next milestones in successful finance and treasury journey. As always, participation is free of charge for our customers.

Mark the date in your calendar and pre-register here if you are interested in joining. More details on the agenda will be shared with you in the coming months.

At the moment, we are hoping that we will be able to meet you again in person at a location in Hamburg. As it is still very difficult to predict if that will be possible, and as we want to ensure everyone’s health and safety, please be prepared for an event that takes advantage of all the options available to us by September: live, virtual, or a hybrid. We will let you know the specifics nearer the time of the event.