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The Finance Compass - Uncovering Optimization Options with AR Automation

09.06.2021   |  03:00 PM CET   |  English

From Invoice to Cash – Winning Strategies for Your Entire Accounts Receivable Lifecycle

Collecting and applying cash quickly and determining credit risk accurately is essential for any finance organizations – whether the processes are executed globally in shares service centers, in regional subsidiaries or partly outsourced to external service providers. At its core, an efficient and agile AR Automation translates directly into more working capital, less financial strain, and hence more discretion regarding business and investment decisions.

Discover how you can take your accounts receivable management into the new decade and beyond. Uncover optimization options across your entire AR lifecycle and

  • Reduce manual activities across the board with AR Automation rate of 85+ %
  • Accelerate credit and collections and increasing efficiency by +50%
  • Improve payment matching rates with automatic application rates of up to 98%

Experts and practitioners will uncover ways to improve AR automation on every level, discussing hot to quickly process orders, invoices and disputes with cost-effective solutions that ensure complete business integrity and security.