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Advance Your Cash Application in SAP with Intelligent Automation

18.10.2021   |  2 PM ET   |  English

The more your business grows the more complex processes in your receivables management can become. From all your order to cash operations, the highest level of efficiency gains can be obtained by automating the cash application process. 

In our User Group session at the CRF October Forum 2021 on Monday, October 18, 2:00 pm ET we demonstrate how you can achieve best-in-class customer payment matching in SAP, thanks to compelling end-to-end automation for every step of your cash application process – from data capture, format processing, customer payment to invoice reconciliation – all the way to reporting. 

Automatically processes payment data from bank statements, remittance advices, payment service provider settlements and lockbox files, thereby eliminating manual effort and human errors, enabling allocation of cash in real-time, and allowing you to focus on your core business.